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Civil Engineering

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Achieving best solutions within budget

Fabre Engineering Inc. specializes in roadway, drainage, utilities, and land development engineering/site design. Our focus is always on achieving the best practical solutions by considering costs, constructibility, schedule, appearance, and approvability. We use the latest industry design tools to achieve optimum accuracy and efficiency. All projects are designed, engineered, and managed by senior level P.E.s.


  • Site layout & design
  • Storm drainage
  • Retention/Detention basin
  • Grading and earthwork
  • Roadway and parking lots
  • Vehicle turning analysis using Autoturn
  • Sanitary sewer systems: gravity sewer, forcemain, and lift stations
  • Sanitary sewer systems: gravity sewer, forcemain, and lift stations
  • Water systems: pipes, tanks, and booster stations
  • Hydraulic Analysis
  • Utility, drainage & grading studies
  • Engineering cost estimates
  • Plats, tentative maps, site plans
  • TEP Plans, PR Sanitary & Storm Plans
  • Erosion & Sediment control plans, GESC, SWMP
  • Agency & permitting coordination
  • Construction Administration & Inspection
  • Infiltration/Inflow Studies
  • S.U.E. Subsurface Utility Engineering

Types of Projects

  • Single family subdivisions
  • Multifamily developments
  • Planned Unit/Mixed Use Developments
  • Commercial developments
  • Parks and ballfields
  • Water & sewer main extensions
  • Roadway improvements

Design Tools

  • Civil 3D
  • Hydraflow Storm Sewers
  • Hydraflow Hydrographs
  • KYPipe
  • Autoturn